Move Over Jack Sparrow, This Dog’s Pirate Impression Is Arrrr-dorable

The thing about Vine is you say to yourself, "It's just six seconds." Cut to half an hour later and you're swooning over another human's dog. It happens. My doggy crush of the day is Shadow. Give these a watch: What does a pirate say, Shadow?? But he does more than just pirate impressions. Here's how he reacts when his humans are all "We're gonna go on a walk" and then follow it up with "But not now." AND HERE HE IS SAYING "I LOVE YOU." YES ALL CAPS IS NECESSARY. I wish all dogs were this talkative. I would feel a lot less crazy. (Not that this has ever stopped me.) Even his TAIL talks. I love this dog. He's not really talking here, but I felt it was important.
Featured image via @Alexa_Hughes16

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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