This Puppy Video is About to Go Viral for All the Best Reasons

This is one of the most clever ways to raise money for dogs that we've seen so far. In this internet age, it's easy to be a "slactivist"-- someone who just shares stuff and talks about how the world needs to change... But never does anything about it. This video uses slactivism to it's advantage.   Created by the New Zealand Pedigree Adoption Drive, the voiceover explains all the Youtube advertising revenue earned goes toward helping pups in need. So the more views, the more money. Holy mother of all Shih-Tzus why hasn't this been done before?!   TL;DR: Seriously. By watching and sharing this video, you will have raised money for dogs in need.   H/T to Campaign Brief for the term "slactivist." :)

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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