She Was Afraid Of Dogs, Until She Adopted Her Pitbulls

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

October 30, 2015

We recently asked you to #ShowMeYourLarry and upload pics of your pup’s best Larry The Dog impression to BarkFeed.


And we’re happy to announce our winners! Atty and Ollie’s impersonations of Larry were voted the best. Now we’re here to tell you more about the darling dogs that captured our hearts the week of #ShowMeYourLarry. Check out the winning pic below!


Like any good dogs, Atty and Ollie are truly unique. Their full names are Atticus and Oliver, but we like “Atty” and “Ollie” just fine. 🙂 Both pups are rescues, with Atty having been rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia. (High paws to his rescuers!)

Their mom, a hairstylist extraordinaire who runs her own Born To Rock hair studio in NC, told us she didn’t really like dogs that much. That is, not until she met Atty.


“I had been scared of all dogs my whole life until I met Atticus,” she told BarkPost. “Now, I love them all, especially pitties.”


According to Mom, Atty and Ollie like to pass time by eating cookies, eating peanut butter, and eating “a pillow here and there.” They’re pretty fond of naps, too. But when they’re not chewing antlers or snoozing, Atty and Ollie are probably playing dress up!


Check out these snazzy accessories (conveniently good for napping).


And if you weren’t already impressed by how cute they are, just hold on. Atty and Ollie volunteer with their mom at a local domestic abuse shelter. They’re not service dogs, just good company, but Atty did pass his Canine Good Citizen’s test in 2012!


Their mom said she was helped so much by her pup Atty at a tragic time in her life that she felt others should know how comforting dogs can be. “I am a survivor of domestic violence. Before I adopted Atticus, I couldn’t bear the thought of getting up daily and going to work. I was so depressed. When I saw his face, I just knew I had to have him. I now had a companion to take care of and to love. One who loved me back like no other love. I was out and about in no time after that.”


No one should ever have to go through anything like that, but if they do go through it, we hope there’s a dog there to help. Just like Atty did.

Congratulations again, you guys! Stay tuned for more pawesome chances to play with BarkPost and get pics of your pup on the interwebs! You can check out more pics of Atty and Ollie over at their Facebook page.

Want to see your pup on BarkPost? Upload your photos over at BarkFeed today!

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Written by: Brandon Rhoads

October 30, 2015

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