Shelter Pups Put On Their Best Smiles In Hopes Of Finding A Lucky Family

Written by: Michella Ventres

March 16, 2016

Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption in Mission, Kansas is a non-profit shelter that works with many high kill shelters in the Kansas City area. This year, they’re trying something new in an effort to increase the lives they save—which is already well over 10,000.


These pups are ridiculously cute in their natural state, but add a bow tie or a headband and they’re sure to get second glances! When a dog is looking for his forever home, that moment might just be the most important one.

So if you love a dapper (adoptable!) dog, take a look at these gorgeous goofballs.

1. Ankashoku loves to look regal with his big, comforting brown eyes. He’s one spoiled and pampered boy, and rumor has it he also has a secret English accent.


2. Ashvins is a bit of a goofball by the looks of him, but he’s also a total ladies’ man. He loves kids, but if you’re a bachelor he’d make a great wingman.


3. Beef Steak is only a couple of years old and already well-trained. He’s not a fan of smaller animals, but he’s a handsome boy who will become someone’s best friend in the right home.


4. Clinton was living on a chain before being saved. He is doing very well with potty training and needs a home where he’s the only dog. He would thrive with a family with older kids who can romp and run with him in a fenced yard.

st patricks dog

5. Hungry Hungry Hippo is a beautiful boy who loves to play with all kinds of toys. His eyes will melt your heart, and he’s obsessed with his blankets. Like every man he cant wait to eat, as you can tell from his name.

Hungry Hungry Hippo

6. Ingrid has been with the shelter for three long years. She loves to clean up after kids, but will need to meet any furry contenders before choosing her new family. Plus, she knows a bunch of tricks!


7. Kigarachu is an adorable knucklehead who romps around like he’s a pony. He is happy go lucky and eager to please, but is also content to chill out on his own and be a big ol’ sweetheart.


8. Krishna loves just about everything, and she is fantastic with dogs. She adores playing outside and would love to be part of an active household. Oh, and she loves cheeseburgers.


9. Legend is your survival buddy in disguise, and at one year old he’s still just a baby. He’s well trained, but will have to do without feline company. He does get along great with other dogs.


10. Lexington is another long-timer wishing for a home. He loves to jump in the water and swim, and is quite the intelligent boy! He’s a social butterfly and can get a bit excited, so older kids and no cats are recommended.


11. Unfortunately, Molly’s owner couldn’t keep her anymore, but she is a sweet and mellow girl—just look at those eyes! This seven year old couldn’t be more relaxed, and she absolutely loves to be spoiled with treats.


12. Nashi Nectar came to the shelter in rough shape, but he’s clearly made a remarkable recovery. He still has some learning to do, though this pup loves dogs. He’s eager to please and sure to make you laugh with his unique smile. 

Nashi Nectar

13. Shortbread is indeed a cookie, just as sweet as could be. She loves the outdoors, and would love to live with someone who has a lot of open space. She’s a little timid, so older children are best, but will come out of her shell with the right person.


14. Tito is the resident Leprechaun. The tiny ten-pound pup is sweet but stubborn, and needs a patient and persistent human. Once you win him over he’ll be your best friend, but his love must be earned and is well worth it.


For the full list of adoptable dogs at Unleashed Pet Rescue please go to their adoption page. If you’re not in the area and would like to donate to Unleashed Pet Rescue you can donate here.

h/t + featured image via Unleashed Pet Rescue

Written by: Michella Ventres

March 16, 2016

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