UPDATE: Shelter Dog Who Fell Asleep In Volunteer’s Arms Gives One More Bittersweet Snuggle

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 28, 2016

Remember Marshmallow? About two weeks ago, he didn’t even have time to lie down before disappearing in dreamland on volunteer Michele Kenno’s lap.


As of March 17 he’s got two equally wonderful laps all to himself—because he’s been adopted! His new humans are ready and willing to be patient and give this boy time to settle down at home. One look at his helicopter tail and sweet dark eyes and anyone can tell he’s eager to be someone’s best friend.


And of course, Marshmallow couldn’t leave without giving Kenno a hearty goodbye snuggle. (Did you notice the layer of pup fuzz on her sweatshirt?)


Though we loved seeing these two together, Marshmallow has snuggles enough for two, and Kenno has plenty more pups to give some special one-on-one time. Congratulations, Marshy!


With over 28,000 views and counting, a short video of adoptable dog Marshmallow conking out after a walk is getting a lot of attention. After taking the American Bulldog mix for an outing outside the shelter, Michele Kenno took a break with him in the car, where the pup quickly decided he didn’t want to go back.

Was spending a few minutes in the car with Marshmallow after our walk, before returning him to the shelter. He climbed into my lap and promptly fell right asleep. This boy needs a home ASAP!󾌹

Posted by Michele DeNicola Kenno on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Whether he was exhausted from the exercise or just trying to soak in the last few minutes of freedom, you can’t deny this dog is one big lovebug. Marshmallow has been at Montgomery County Animal Services in Derwood, Maryland since September 17, 2015. Shelter staff put him around 1.5 years old, and claim he’s “just a big goofball.”


He loves walks (and obviously snuggles), and would make a great pup for older kids and possibly another dog. Several commenters have suggested Kenno take him home for good, but she’s not sure how he would get along with her other dogs. Marshmallow is waiting for just the right home, and he clearly wants to leave shelter life behind him.

This sweet boy has experienced more turbulence in his short life than he can handle. Kenno wrote on Facebook February 8:

Poor Marshmallow. He was returned to the shelter again, in less than a week this time. He has a ton of nervous energy and needs someone who will give him time to adjust. I wish adopters understood and respected the decompression period.

just returned to shelter

This guy would thrive in an active home with room to run, but most of all he just needs “unconditional love, stability and time,” says Kenno.


If you have a place in your heart and home for the aptly-named Marshmallow, please contact the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption center via his adoption profile. You must visit the shelter in person or be willing to travel to see him, as per Michele and animal services.

Featured Image via Michele DeNicola Kenno/Facebook

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 28, 2016

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