Raw Photos Bare The Souls Of Shelter Dogs Waiting For Homes

Photographer Traer Scott has been published in Life, National Geographic, and Vogue, but it's her series of portraits of shelter dogs that currently has our attention. [bp_related_article] traer-scott-shelter-dog-2 pittie The photographer was volunteering at her local shelter photographing adoptable dogs for adoption websites, when she realized that out of the staggering number of dogs who entered the system, only a few ended up being adopted. Scott told DIYPhotography: ​
The volume of dogs was so high and in going through my files one night, I realized that many of the dogs never made it out. It was heartbreaking and I wanted to do something to memorialize them, a project that would honor their memory and hopefully help save other dogs.
traer-scott-shelter-dogs-minerva+8x10 Regarding challenges of the project, Scott said:
It’s hard to photograph dogs that are not trained and are in a stressful situation. It’s even harder to publish photos of dogs who were euthanized simply because their humans failed them.
shelter-dog-traer-scott-18 Amazingly, the photos were shot on a "consumer grade" point-and-shoot camera back in 2005. The book Shelter Dogs was published in 2006. shelter-dog-traer-scott-3 Scott's followup book, Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories, follows up on some of the pups who found homes. Finding Home is available on Amazon. traer-scott-shelter-dogs-4
h/t DIYPhotography
Featured image via Traer Scott

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago

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