Shelter Is Completely Emptied After The Best Black Friday Sale You’ll Ever Find

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 2, 2015

For the low, low price of $10 even, the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control center’s Black Friday sale offered adopters years of happiness, loyalty, and laughs, all scrunched into a fluffy package.


Never have we been more excited to see a bunch of pictures of empty rooms. Jodi Hamilton, who has been with the shelter for at least eight years, said:

It brought out people in droves. Hundreds of people came by that day and we adopted all of our available pets. […] This is the first time in my memory we have not had any available, adoptable dogs.

The people who usually show up to visit the dogs and cats were met with a mixture of disappointment and shock, I’d bet, to find that there was no one left for them to see. As much as we hope every shelter animal will have a home for the holidays, it’s foolish to think that it will happen for everyone.

empty kennels 1

But for these happy volunteers, Fort Wayne can take a deep breath knowing all their residents will sleep easy from now on. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no work left to be done. “There’s always something to do,” Hamilton said. “We have dogs available in the back that we’re temperament testing currently for the potential to come into our adoption program.”

She explains that each and every one of these kennels and rooms is normally packed with pets; it’s almost a little too strange to be left in total silence even for this short time. But they know it won’t last long: “By tomorrow, we’ll probably have full kennels again and be asking adopters to help.”

empty cat room

An animal care worker’s job is never done, and while we congratulate them now on this amazing feat, we’d also like to say thank you for all the work that’s yet to come.

H/t WSMV, Featured Image via Facebook/Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 2, 2015