20 Pictures of Shelter Dogs’ Freedom Rides That Will Give You Goosebumps

**Editor's Note: After rescuing over 1,000 dogs since the Chicago-based rescue One Tail at a Time started in 2008, they have decided to take the next step in helping Chicago's neediest dogs. They're opening an Adoption Center! With the community's support, OTAT has grown into a self-sustaining animal welfare community, but they want to increase their life-saving efforts. OTAT aims to raise $70,000 over the next 70 days so that their center can open as scheduled on August 1, 2015. Please join in the fight and donate to make Chicago a no-kill city! Below is a beloved BarkPost article from OTAT's Executive Director, Heather Owen. What's a Shelter Freedom Ride??   Definition: The final trek from the animal shelter to a pup's forever home.   All these dogs waited at Chicago Animal Care and Control for a rescue to take them in. Some waited for months, some were saved in their final hour, and all have found loving forever homes. Peach, a dog with severe mange, chose to shut her eyes and take in the smell of freedom! Ah, the sweet smell of freedom! Kit Kat spent more than three months in animal control after her owner was prosecuted for animal abuse. freedomhappy2 Yoshi was all "Let's blow this pop stand!" when he learned it was his turn to bust out. Let's blow this pop stand! These six dogs were determined to get comfortable... at all costs:

Sure beats a cement kennel!




Is this how I sits in a car?


Eyes on the road buddy! Nothin' to see back here, just a pup stretchin' out!



  Ah yes, this is most comfortables! These five dogs' smiles say it all: freedomhappy4   freedomhappy5   freedomhappy7   freedomhappy3   freedomride31   This dog was a little skeptical that she would get her own dog bed, toys *and* a family to love her. (She did.)  


This puppy was hoping to stop through the drive-thru on the way to his foster home: freeomride14 And this puppy gave a wink to her transporter:


This dog tried not to let his nerves show:


This dog wanted to thank his rescuer:


And this pup never looked back. : )


Thanks to the gracious Chicago Animal Care and Control volunteers for sharing their freedom ride pics! To learn how you can help make more freedom rides happen contact your local shelter or rescue group! Chicago dog lovers, visit One Tail at a Time to become a foster home, adopter or volunteer and please donate to the OTAT fundraiser to help make Chicago a no-kill city!

Hope Bobbitt Writer

8 years ago

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