This Shelter Needs Your Help To Save The Lives Of Thousands Of Dogs

Reviewed by Melina Giakas

September 11, 2015

Villalobos is well known for its Pit Bull saving efforts thanks to the Animal Planet TV show Pit Bulls and Parolees. Founded by Tia Maria Torres, the shelter gives a second chance to humans and Pitties who have the odds stacked against them.

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The organization operated in Los Angeles County California for nearly twenty years and then recently relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana. The move provided more space for residents to roam, but also brought in a tremendous amount of new pups in search of a home.

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The humans at Villalobos recently decided to expand their rescue efforts beyond Bully breeds. They will now welcome every breed that comes barking at their door.

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However, more dogs means more expenses. The facility is now faced with the problem of figuring out a way to feed these new dogs, as well as how to pay for spaying, neutering, shots, microchips, heartworm treatments, and other medical expenses. On average, each dog consumes about $70 worth of medical expenses. Multiply that by a ton of new tail wagers and you’ll find yourself with a hefty bill.


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In an effort to raise funds the shelter is running an online fundraiser. To donate, simply chose a square without a photo. Villalobos is hoping the fundraiser will help to cover its current costs and aid in the purchase of a 13 acre property, about two hours outside of the city. This, in addition to their main facility, will accommodate the growing number of pups in need.

To learn more about their dog saving stories and pupdates you can visit the Villalobos website, Facebook and tune into Pit Bulls and Parolees.

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Reviewed by Melina Giakas

September 11, 2015