Awe-Inducing Human Kindness Helps Determined Puppy with Deformed Legs

Written by: Griffin Shaffer

April 3, 2014

Very few stories can render one helplessly in awe of human kindness and the determination of our canine friends.  However, for this puppy, that is exactly what this writer experienced.

Let me introduce you to Cupid.

Val 1

This adorable 3-month old puppy was found abandoned in a snow bank this past Valentine’s Day in Minneapolis, MN.  Ruff Start Rescue found the pup and aptly named him Cupid, not just for the day he was found, but for his overwhelmingly kind and loving nature, despite his circumstances.

You see, Cupid’s front two paws were severely deformed.  Cupid could hobble around, but the shelter knew that without surgery, terrible complications would form.

Val 4

The staff at Ruff Start Rescue championed to raise the $6,000 needed for Cupid’s live-saving surgery, but they were in for a surprise.  Thanks to a local news broadcast about Cupid’s situation, the rescue raised $8,000 in a matter of days!

Val 5

Veterinarians at the University of Minnesota performed the surgery, and Cupid is now recovering at his foster home.

Val 7

Val 6

Cupid, the once abandoned dog with the big heart and determined spirit, is no longer unwanted.  Over 75 different parties have inquired about adopting Cupid!

“The outpouring support has been absolutely amazing,” says Ruff Start Rescue’s founder Azure Davis. “So many have donated, offered to donate, wanted to adopt, dog-sit, you name it. People want to help this little guy!”

Val 10

WCCO also reported on the pup’s recovery.

And what could make this story even better?  The University of Minnesota veterinary medical center covered most of the surgery bills, so the remaining money people donated will go to helping other shelter dogs in need!

High paws to the University of Minnesota, Ruff Start Rescue, and all those who donated to help this amazing puppy!

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Written by: Griffin Shaffer

April 3, 2014

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