Shelter Staff Get Cozy, Spend Entire Weekend With Animals During Snow Storm

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 26, 2016

As winter storm Jonas creeped toward the east coast this past weekend, it promised a generous amount of snow for those caught in its wake. Sitting on my couch, watching its progress on the news, my first thought was this: How will people get to the shelters to let the dogs out to pee?

That was it. Then came the rest… Who’ll feed them, refill water bowls, assure them that they are not alone in the middle of all this cold, white nonsense?

The non-profit Faithful Friends Animal Society in Wilmington, Delaware eased my fears for their animals in one simple Facebook post Saturday evening.

Our dedicated staff stayed overnight with the animals to make sure they received the care they deserve! Kudos to our…

Posted by Faithful Friends on Saturday, January 23, 2016

The staff geared up for the best slumber party in the world; many people donated air mattresses, food, and supplies just for the occassion. Because the shelter is 1) located right off a main street, 2) on a hill, and 3) doesn’t get plowed, these dedicated animal lovers packed their bags for a Friday and Saturday night with the shelter’s dogs and cats.


One of Faithful Friends’ own, Brittany Anthony, tells BarkPost there was no hesitancy about doing the right thing:

Our staff is amazing! They were quick to volunteer to stay the night and were looking forward to it. They take great pride in providing top notch care for our animals and their bond is so strong! They love each and every animal as if it were their own.

It’s hard not to see just how deep that love goes. Working with shelter animals in any environment is never easy. There are so many dogs and cats who want nothing more than your attention and compassion, and putting forth your best effort to make that happen can take its toll. Sometimes, the very worst part is knowing not every four-legged resident will get all the kisses and cuddles they deserve.


Luckily, the cuddles were not in short supply. “[The staff] cuddled up throughout the night with our adoptable shelter pets,” says Anthony, “cats and dogs who were happy to have the company!” How much do you want to bet the animals will be hoping for more snow storms now? At least, like, a thousand bones.


Especially Harvey, whose big smile makes it easy to cover up just how much he wishes he had a forever home. Harvey is a big, playful boy who ended up in the shelter through no fault of his own. He would love to be your number one man, especially if the two of you can do all kinds of fun things together!


And the cats? Well, they were pretty excited—just too cool to show it. Even Minnie and Mishka, two super-sweet senior kitties whose human passed away and left them with nowhere else to go. These little fluffs are in desperate need of a foster or adoptive family to take them both, as they are very stressed in the shelter and would be devastated without each other. They are being extra patient waiting for their new family to come along, and felt just a little better knowing they were safe during the storm.


With everything ready to wait out the weekend, Anthony says:

Our management offices and conference rooms were converted into temporary “hotels” for the night with inflated air mattresses for each staff member. At least one or a few kitties or dogs made sure to make themselves comfortable…

And when morning came, the shoveling began. These pups had to see what all the fuss was about! While some of them loved testing out the snow, not everyone shared that same zest for the cold. We don’t blame them one bit. Either way, everyone survived the storm even if their paws got a little chilly.


At this point, I think it’s safe to say that nothing will come between this staff and their love for the animals.

Thanks to Zachary, Ben, Amanda, Nicole, Anthony, Rob and Dave for sacrificing your beds for Pibble snuggles and kitten cuddles. We’re sure they all appreciate your company, ear scratches, and snow-shoveling expertise.

There are so many ways you can help support the dedicated humans and animals at Faithful Friends, including donations. Also, Minnie, Mishka, and Harvey still need homes to call their own! If you live in the area and would like to see their sweet faces in person, pop on by and say hello.

Featured Image via Faithful Friends/Facebook

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 26, 2016

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