Update: Magic Happens When A Shelter Asks Families To Invite Dogs Over For Thanksgiving

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 24, 2015

**Update December 12, 2015**

We’ve got some pawesome news from Christie Chipps Peters, the director of Richmond Animal Care & Control! Thirty dogs found foster families for Thanksgiving weekend this year! That alone is pretty incredible, but it gets better.

Fourteen of those families totally failed at fostering and adopted the dogs!

Four of the other dogs are staying with their foster families until the pups find a forever home.

RACC will be doing the same promotion for Christmas, so if you are in the Richmond, VA area, make sure you invite one of their dogs over for your holiday festivities!

racc christmas

**Original Story**

The awesome humans at Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia want all of their dogs to experience the joy of the holidays. They came up with a fun plan to give their shelter dogs an incredible Thanksgiving and a chance at long-term foster families and potential forever homes.

They’re using social media to ask people to invite dogs over to their homes for Thanksgiving.

Who can say no to sharing turkey with that cutie?

People in the Richmond area can pick up temporary foster dogs through Wednesday. The shelter is asking that people keep the pups until December 2nd. Of course, everyone is welcome to foster the dogs for longer than that – even more welcome are people who fail at fostering and decide to keep the dog forever.

The campaign is doing well, with dogs like Coach, pictured above, finding a home for the holidays. Coach’s foster mom Heather says that it’s her mission to find him a permanent home. In even better news, the campaign has piqued the interest of people who won’t be home this holiday week, but want to foster dogs after they return from their festivities. There’s a list of available fosters, or furever pups, on their website.

High paws to RACC for coming up with one of the most adorable foster campaigns we’ve ever seen! We hope other shelters will decide to do something similar for future holidays.

Feature image via PureLife4Pets.

h/t WTVR.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

November 24, 2015

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