16 Foxy Accessories Every Shiba Lover Needs To Have

Written by: Regina Lizik

April 24, 2015

If you are owned by a Shiba Inu, you know that it’s nearly impossible to find any Shiba swag that’s not doge. And there’s really only so much “wow” a person can take.

So, you resort to fox accessories, which is ok because people think you have a fox anyway, or a red wolf, or a dingo or, most popularly, a WTHIT (What.The.Hell.Is.That).

Since there are no WTHIT accessories, here are 16, sometimes foxy, accessories that every Shibaholic needs to have.

1. Magic Shiba Coffee Mug, $25

The best thing about this mug is that it comes in all three Shiba colors, red, cream or black and tan. Note: All three colors are jerks who will never listen to you.

shiba inc magic mug

2. Polka Dot Fox Flats, $49.97

Shoes + polka dots + foxes = You can also get them in red and there is a high-heeled version!

fox flats

3. Shiba Inu 3D Pendant, $72.19

I love how this is a great mix between elegant and cute. Just perfect.

shiba inu face pendant

4. Forest Critter Drawer Pull, $12

Because even your furniture needs Shiba accessories.

fox drawer pull

5. Shiba Inu Salt and Pepper Shakers, $2.99 each

Let’s get something straight here, Target is woefully incorrect in naming these “fox shakers.” They are, in fact, Shiba Inu salt and pepper shakers. Let’s be real. They also come in orange and bronze.

shiba inu salt and pepper shakers

6. Adjustable Fox Ring, $8

These look just like precious sleeping Shibas when you adjust them to fit your finger.

fox ring

7. Lint Rollers, $10.18

You know why.lint roller

8. Origami Fox Necklace, $11.80

These origami “fox” necklaces are such a subtle, elegant way to celebrate your bossy Shiba overlord.

origami fox necklace

9. Shiba Inu License Plate Frame, $12.99


shiba inu license plate

10. Inaridou Shiba Inu Blanket, $160

These super soft blankets are perfect for wrapping up your Shiba into a cozy bundle and forcing them to snuggle you. Plus, they’re made by a fellow Shiba owner.

shiba blanket

11. Shiba Inu Leggings, $49

These belong under an awesome dress or as your go-to yoga pants.

shiba inu leggings

12. Sly Rest My Case Pillow Shams, $34.99

This is the closest most of us will ever get to cuddling our Shibas.

sly my case pillow shams

13. “Foxy” Knickers, $44

Admittedly not for everyone, these fox underwear are great for the gal who wants a booty as awesome as her Shiba’s. There’s also a crop top and an adorable t-shirt dress.

fox underwear

14. Shiba Inu Wedding Cake Topper, $15 and up

The Shiba should really be facing the other direction to show that it doesn’t care about anything. 😉

shiba inu wedding topper

15. Everything Tastes Better Mug, $25.99

Because we all know there is no condiment more delicious, or more ubiquitous, than Shiba fur.

dog hair mug

16. Fox of Chocolates Candy Dish, $34.99

This covered bowl can hold just about anything. Unfortunately, it can’t hold your sanity. Your Shiba already took that.

fox shiba inu candy dish

For information on how to help Shibas in need, please visit the NYC Shiba Inu Rescue.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

April 24, 2015

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