Shiba Inus Put All Coordinating Couples To Shame With Their Dress Up Game

I dressed my Shiba in a costume once. He contemplated murdering me in my sleep. Then he realized that I was the keeper of the bacon, so I'm still alive. These Shibas dress up almost daily and their owner still lives! Miraculous! They must get a lot of bacon. 1. Maybe these dogs don't mind dressing up because they're superheroes. Superheroes who are starring in the next major blockbuster BatShiba vs SuperShiba! batshiba vs supershiba 2. When they aren't donning their superhero garb, they're embracing their god-like nature by dressing as Anubis. If you own a Shiba, you know that this is not a costume, but rather the truth. You live with a dog-god and you've learned to accept it. shiba anubis 3. They take time out to dress up as their favorite noms. Yum! Who doesn't love noodles? shiba favorite food 4. Can't forget their second favorite food, sardines! Ew. Who actually likes sardines? shiba sardines 5. If they eat all of their dinner, they get ice cream for dessert. "I'll have a double scoop of vanilla, please." shiba ice cream 6. The pair cosplays as their favorite manga. I wonder if they make appearances at Comic-Con? manga shibas 7. Oh yeah, they totally go to Comic-Con. "But our princess is in another castle!" smash bros shibas 8. They love the classic fairy tales, too. "Cinderelly, Cinderelly, CINDERELLA!" shiba cinderella 9. Bowling is their favorite past time. Even though they aren't very good at it. bowling shibas 10. It's not all fun and games. These two work very hard. They have to keep up with their fans, after all. shiba at work [bp_related_article] 11. They lay down the law when fans get too crazy. "I fought the law and... oh wait, I am the law!" shiba law 12. Even though they're famous, they still take public transportation. They like to keep it real. shiba bus 13. Their preferred method of travel is to prowl around town like the ninjas they are. Typical Shiba. Creepin' like a ninja. shiba ninja 14. For reals, they're total creepers. Out of costume, but still werkin' those ninja skillz. indognito shibas 15. Occasionally, they go for more understated costumes. A piece of bread with a bowtie is always classic. shiba bread 16. No costume is too large or too complicated. Here they are ingeniously dressed as an entertainment system. (not really) entertainment shibas 17. In their downtime, they dress as stubborn, adorable fluffbutts who always look like they're about to do something naughty. aka Shibas costume shibas Follow the duo's costume adventures on Twitter for more extreme shiba-cuteness.
Feature image via @C_Suzuki. h/t Distractify.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago

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