Pup’s Delightful Greeting Is Exactly Why Having A Dog Is The Best Thing In The World

If you ask a Shiba owner whether or not you should get one of these famous fluffs yourself, most of us will give you a long list of reasons that will make you think twice about bringing this ancient breed of pup into your home.

1. They shed like mutherpuppers
2. They DGAF worse than a cat DGAF (basically, Shiba Inus have negative f**** to give)
3. They are smarter than you.
4. They talk back more than a Husky does.
5. They get bored easily and will destroy your home if you fail to entertain them.
6. They scream when they don’t get their way, causing your neighbors to call the police because they think you are murdering someone (#TrueStory)

That’s a lot of ish to deal with, but honestly, none of that matters. None of that freaking matters because you get all of that, but you also get this:

And this is everything.

Make sure you watch the video above to see the fully glory of this stunning Sheeb’s greeting.

And seriously, don’t get a Shiba until you’ve thoroughly researched the breed and understand everything that goes into caring for one.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago