21 Undeniable Truths Only Shiba Inu Pup Parents Understand

Written by: Regina Lizik

July 28, 2016

Shibas are very unique dogs. They’re so unique that sometimes they don’t even seem like dogs.

1. They look like teddy bears when they are newborns and lion cubs when they are puppies.

How is this a dog? This is a baby lion.

2. When you go out in public, 50 people ask you if you have a fox/coyote/dingo/wolf-hybrid/jackal/alien.

Sometimes they ask you “Hey! Did you know your dog looks like a fox?” No. Nope. It’s never crossed my mind.

A photo posted by Shio and Emi (@shiotheshiba) on

3. Some people insist that your dog must be a mutt or a designer dog because they’ve never seen anything so weird.

So then you go on a diatribe about how they’re one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world and a National Geographic study revealed that their DNA is the closest to wolves of any other dog breed (which explains their superior attitude). Fifteen minutes into your rant, you realize you sound like a total dhole and the person walks away with a bewildered expression.

ancient af 3

4. You don’t understand why so many people ask you if your dog is vicious.

Aaaaannnnddd then you remember and try to explain that it’s how they say “I ruv you” to other dogs.


5. They are experts at telling you off.

If you refuse to obey your Shiba’s commands, you’ll get the Shiba scoff and the Shiba grumble. The Shiba scoff is a cross between a huff and a snort. It translates to “how dare you!” or, more accurately, “F-YOU!”

6. They also like to tell each other off.

7. They are masters of resting bitch face.

That’s a lie. It’s not RBF. They are actually judging you.

8. They strut like they are walking on a runway.

They could teach you, but they’d have to charge.

shiba booty shake

9. They have really weird habits.

Like obsessively licking inanimate objects. Walls, furniture, floors, blankets, etc…

10. At night you cry yourself to sleep because you can’t figure out how their eyeliner game is so on point.


11. Two words: Shiba Scream.

Yes, that sound is coming from the dog. No, the dog is not being harmed, it’s just being a Shiba. Yes, you can turn off the video after 5 seconds. Don’t torture yourself.

12. They don’t have teeth. They have fangs that always stick out like vampire teeth.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, you look over and think, “I hope I never make him mad. Because those things are lethal.”

13. But then the next day, you’re just like:


14. You are powerless against a Shiba’s greatest weapon: The squinty smile

Okay, fine. You can have anything you want. ANYTHING.

A photo posted by Kinta Kim (@kinta_the_shiba) on

15. You’ve accepted the fact that your lungs are coated with Shiba fur.

Five minutes of brushing results in this – on a good day.

16. You don’t think it’s weird that you have an “unhealthy” obsession with foxes.

No it’s weird, even your dog thinks it’s weird.

17. You don’t think this is weird.

shiba demon

18. They are devilishly good looking.

Especially when they wear ties.

19. But most of them refuse to pose for photos because they’re kind of jerks.


20. You go absolutely nuts when you see another Shiba and sometimes you attack the owner with hugs.

They understand. They were about to hug you, too.

hermione hug

21. Wow.

Much meme.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

July 28, 2016

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