This Instagram Account Is Just One Big Shiba Puppyfest

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 8, 2016

Take a #PuppyBreak. Come on, you deserve it. A new puppy featured every Wednesday!

James Scurlock is the hooman behind the Instagram account @bigworldsmalldogs, the viral Shiba account that was originally created to help his small furchild Fonzie, get a date.

Y’know. Like any good dad would. (Cue Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On)


Gushing about his fur-son, James tells BarkPost: “He was such a special dog. The Instagram account was like his profile. He was literally on the prowl!”

From there, Fonz’s insta was born, which now boasts a follower count of over 18k. But James insists it’s because of the amazing breed and the people who love them.


“Shiba owners are pretty hard-core,” he admits. “There’s a lot of people who either want a Shiba or are curious about them because of their foxy looks and feline demeanor.”

Feline demeanor is right.


Anyone that follows the account knows that Fonz is 100% sass, which James maintains is typical of the breed. “They just seem to think it’s kind of beneath them to be your pet. They’re control freaks. So a lot of the best photos of Shibas are of them refusing to cooperate– dropping anchor on the sidewalk, shaking their head, running away, that kind of thing.”

(We don’t see it.)


However, the Shibe pups — Miso, Bob, Winchell and Duncan — have been the true stars of the account lately.


The puppies were more of an open adoption situation, whom Fonz and his gal-pal Candy have full visitation rights with.

James adds, “We keep up with Miso, Bob, Winchell and Duncan regularly. In fact, we just got back from San Francisco where we hung out with Bob for a week.”


Above all, the account epitomizes and spreads the love James feels for the sweet Shiba breed every day. “Maybe we should rename the site Big Heart Small Dog,” he jokes. “But that’s a bit corny.”


Fore more Fonz and the Big World Small Dogs crew, give them a follow on Instagram or check out the e-book, Your Dog Looks Like a Fox, inspired by the fluffy fam.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 8, 2016

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