Shiba Inu Uses Her Squinchy Smiles To Melt Hearts Across The Internet

Kinta the Shiba Inu has a very special talent. It’s called the “Squinta.”

kinta 2

This face isn’t unknown to the Shiba Inu community. It’s a combo of what the Shiba-obsessed call “airplane ears” and a squinty Shiba smile. This unique expression is typically reserved for extreme moments of elation. As any Shiba owner will tell you, witnessing your dog “squinta” will be one of the most amazing moments of your life.

Kinta, however, is super puppin’ happy all of the puppin’ time.

Seriously. One time, she sat on a bench and it was literally the best moment of her life.

kinta 3

That is until she got caught stealing a cough drop a few days ago. First of all, what’s better than stealing something humans tell you that you can’t have? Second, what’s better than knowing you can get away with it because you are that mutherpuppin’ cute? Nothing’s better than that. Nothing at all.

I may have had something I'm not supposed toedit: her name is Kinta 🙂

Posted by Doge on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kinta’s been sharing her squintas with the Shiba community on a regular basis, but now her cute face is going viral. She’s spawned a series of memes:

The good news is that Kinta has a Facebook page, so her squintas are available for everyone!

YOU get a squinta!

kinta 4

And YOU get a squinta!

kinta 6


kinta 7

We’re so glad pups like Kinta with her squintas exist. Adorable faces like hers help us get through our days and bring tons of joy to the world.

You keep on squintin’ Kinta!

Regina Lizik

6 years ago