Clever Short Film Follows The Hilarious Hijinks Of A Girl And Her Dog Boyfriend

The saying "men are dogs" has never been more apparent than in this offbeat short film. In the film, a part-time convenience store clerk shares an apartment with her unemployed, deadbeat boyfriend. After a mix-up at the convenience store, she brings home two cans of dog food instead of boxed lunches. Since her boyfriend is a jerk anyway, she serves him up a hot bowl of dog food under the guise that it's a French delicacy. Boyfriend gobbles it up and, somewhat surprisingly, transforms into a fat, adorable French Bulldog the next day. pug-boyfriend Unsure of what to do with her new French Bulldog boyfriend, a series of hilarious antics ensue (including one particular scene I'm sure will have most of you choking on your water). If you're a lover of romantic comedies or silly French Bulldogs (and let's be honest, you are), set some time aside today and watch the whole thing.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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