Short-Spined “Quasimodo” Has Everyone Wrapped Around His Paw

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

January 30, 2016

**Update: February 24, 2016**

With the birth of short-spined dog Quasi’s Facebook page, his heart-breaker face and awesome personality have him skyrocketing to stardom. Since his admittance into Secondhand Hounds rescue, this boy has piled up over 1,200 adoption applications—that’s a lot of humans hoping to get extra lucky with this pawtential family member!

quasi snuggling


But there is a lot more that makes Quasi different than just the way he looks—and his caretakers spell it all out for us in the video above. One day he’ll get the best home he could ask for… but not before learning to let loose and be the comfortable, confident dog we know he is. After all, trust takes time, and this pup is one special case.

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**Original Story**

In one day Quasimodo the German Shepherd has become an internet sensation. He doesn’t understand what all of the fuss is about. He tells his Facebook fans:

Oh man! Why do so many want to hear about me?! I’m just a normal dog! I’m not handicapped, I’m special and I’m different. That’s all!

Wait a minute…. this dog can type on a computer and post to social media!? No wonder he’s famous!!

quasi 1

He’s also a short-spined dog. There are only 14 known dogs in the world with this genetic condition. You may have heard of Cuda and Pig, both of whom are well known in the pup-ruvin’ world.

Rescuers found Quasi roaming the streets. He was taken to a shelter. When the shelter diagnosed him with Short Spine Syndrome, the rescue Secondhand Hounds in Minnesota took him in.

quasi 2

Quasi is trying to educate the world about his syndrome, but he’s also really, really good-looking and he likes to combine educating the public with talking about his good looks.

For anyone interested in my X-Ray, here it is! Maybe my hero Sara can tell us what we are looking at! All I can see is a handsome little guy with a twisty spine!

Posted by Quasi The Great on Friday, January 29, 2016

Quasi’s journey is just beginning. Secondhand Hounds plans on keeping everyone up to date on the pup’s adventures via his Facebook page, aptly named ‘Quasi the Great.’

This boy is a already a casanova and some of his adventures including lovin’ on the ladies:

I'm a lover 󾬏

Posted by Quasi The Great on Friday, January 29, 2016

You can make a contribution to offset the costs of Quasimodo’s care via Secondhand Hounds.

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Reviewed by Regina Lizik

January 30, 2016