This Sickly Puppy Wouldn’t Have Survived Without The Help Of Two Wonderful Women

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 24, 2016

Shelley Milburn, founder of Promoting Animal Welfare in NC in North Carolina, has lost count of the number of dogs she has rescued. She humbly shrugs off the fact that the majority of these dogs would have died without her help.

Milburn found herself tagged in a photo of two emaciated puppies for sale on her county’s swap and shop Facebook page. Milburn immediately contacted Rescue Ur Forever Friend volunteer, Kim Kreem,  and told her she had a challenging foster for her.


Kreem is known for taking on fosters who are facing serious medical problems and has rehabilitated many. Her own tripawd Boxer, Laila Ali, is a RUFF veteran whose breeder dumped her at a vet’s office near death’s door. Kreem adopted her after nursing her back from the brink of death. Painfully, she has a lost a few, and their souls remain in her heart, giving her the motivation to continue taking in the ones others give up on. Kreem has been covered in poop, pee and puke in the name of the love of dogs.

Dani Warrior Princess Pit Bull Puppy

Danni began to thrive once medical intervention took place. This little nugget surely would have died without RUFF’s immediate actions.

This puppy was in trouble. She was severely dehydrated, loaded with intestinal parasites, suffering from diarrhea and losing weight quickly. But Milburn and Kreem recognized a fighting spirit in this puppy. And so, Danni was named after an Indian Princess Warrior and the battle began.

She was given round the clock care that included probiotic feedings, nutritional supplements, subcutaneous fluids and medication to fight off the parasites. Sleep has no friend in Kreem. She is known for winning battles and she beats sleep every time. Once again, Kreem’s lack of sleep and determination proved positive. Danni’s weight went from 2.7lbs to 4.5lbs in just five days. Danni was going to make it!

Rescue tripawd Laila Ali shows Danni the ropes

Laila Ali teaching Dannie the ropes

It’s not uncommon for a puppy to take a downward spiral fast, and oftentimes, it can be hard to intervene and save them from death. Expert veterinary care provided at Willow Oak Veterinary Hospital gave Kreem the tools to use to provide the round-the-clock care.

Danni was one of the luckier ones. She did not slip through the cracks thanks to the watchful eye of Milburn and her RUFF posse. Kreem just chalks it up to another day in rescue.

Once Danni is medically cleared, she will move from the Kreem Farm to a foster who will get Danni the socialization and behavioral skills she needs to be adopted. Kreem does this to make room for other urgent cases that require her attention.

Danni continues to improve thanks to a team of dedicated rescuers.

Thanks to a team of dedicated survivors, Danni continues to improve every day. If you’re interested in adopting this little princess warrior, check out her adoption page here. And if you’re able, please consider donating to Promoting Animal Welfare in NC and Rescue Ur Forever Friend to help dogs like Danni.

All images via Kim Kreem

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 24, 2016

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