12 Clues That Your Pup Is Actually Your One True Love

Written by: Emily Wang

October 2, 2015

Humans are hopeless romantics. We spend our days searching for that one face in the crowd who will complete us. The yin to our yang. The sun to our moon. For some of us, that perfect soul mate may be right under our noses (and us under theirs). Maybe instead of yin and yang we are looking for bark and wag. Could it be that our pups are the kibble to our canned food? Examine these 12 pieces of evidence to determine if your one true love is your devoted dog!

1. Your phone is filled with photos of you and your dog. #SELFIE!


2. You don’t really go on dates. It’s because you’d feel like you were cheating on your pup.


3. You’ve passed up going out to stay at home and hang with your dog. It’s just too mean to leave them at home alone!


4. You’re pretty sure there’s no better listener than your dog. Really, he never even interrupts you when you’re talking.



5. People always refer to you and your dog together. “Are Jess and Max coming to the BBQ this weekend?”


6. You regularly pee in front of your dog. And vice versa.


7. You give each other kisses. A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s…?


8. You talk about your dog non-stop. You can’t help it, he’s just so cute!


9. After a really long hard day, you really just want to cuddle up with your bae on the couch. And watch Netflix.


10. Your pup is your partner in crime. You do everything you possibly can together.


11. You share a bed together. Now sharing blankets – that’s another story.


12. You’d do anything for your dog. And he would do anything for you.


Featured image via @leslie_mosier


Written by: Emily Wang

October 2, 2015