18 Reasons Why Sir Charles Barkley Is Your New Favorite Frenchie

Shine your shoes and pluck those eyebrows, damnit, because today, we shall be in the presence of royalty. No, not Prince William or Kate whatserhead or Dame Helen Mirren, but a figure with much more prestige. I speak, of course, of Sir Charles Barkley. Named after the Space Jam star (and occasional basketball player,) this Seattle-based Napoleon of adorability took the world by storm last year, with features on Mashable, The Daily Mail, and Buzzfeed, among others. With a slew of dedicated followers, Sir Charles delights and astounds hoomans and other species alike through his popular Instagram account and Facebook page. You know how you see celebs and you're like "I don't understand why they would ever be popular ever! WHAT DO PEOPLE SEE IN THEM!?" Well, Sir Charles arouses no such puzzlement - this pup has pawzazz! As if you needed more, here are 18 reasons he's the flyest pup around:

1. He's the world's most adorable Seahawks fan!

1507811_346718725467661_395288530_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles

2. He can rock any angle.

10405601_396649237141276_7585967609805098484_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles

3. As I said...ANY angle!

10444006_399486073524259_1389285775999698451_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles

4. He don't need no push.

1379577_306791432793724_140022098_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
5. Just look at this. Seriously.
268850_250080381798163_2018621776_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
1459194_315782725227928_1848835624_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
7. He's got the proper Seattle attire totally down.
753_255325897940278_763114950_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
8. This should be a mural in the Seattle mayor's office.
935959_256811137791754_1467946188_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
9. Ooh, lala! Crazy Frenchie taking after his pupperland!
10352087_413574785448721_268750744517309316_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
10. He's the cutest member of his frat.
10478683_414694178670115_5690262638220409132_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
1982272_364325180373682_329373233_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
12. OR THIS?!
10359228_390665614406305_5731164839245666698_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
13. Oops, sorry—gotta be more specific with my jpeg names.
1995 Western Conference Semifinals, Game 5: Houston Rockets v Phoenix SunsImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
14. There, that's better.
1545910_335029726636561_365000862_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
15. He may be French, but he knows when to pick a winning side.
10416635_409071379232395_2193895054002219313_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
16. He can totally rock #tbt.
60629_170110573128478_1269577752_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
17. This is getting a little unnecessary, no?
10447412_414939835312216_4893400691772086540_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
18. This will be your new desktop background, bedroom wallpaper, and sheets.
10516798_410595169080016_8449618681845486055_nImage via Facebook/BSirCharles
So I think the case is pretty cut and dry—SIR CHARLES FOR ACTUAL HOOMAN KNIGHTHOOD!

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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