Bulldog Wins Title For Skateboarding Through World’s Longest Human Tunnel

There aren't many people who can be called world record-winning skateboarders, and there are approximately zero who would be able to do it under 30 pairs of human legs. THESE ARE THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS WE NEED TO BE MAKING, PEOPLE! [bp_related_article] Otto the Bulldog doesn't just ride a skateboard---he starts his journey on a hill, steers through people using his body weight, and pumps his leg on the ground to pick up speed again! I think the only Nervous Nellies in this bunch might have been the human tunnel participants, but it turns out they have nothing to worry about. Next time this Peruvian bully will set the record down the side of Machu Picchu.
H/t Guinness World Records

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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