35 Sleeping Puppies Who Physically Can’t Handle Their Own Cuteness

1. Oh puppehs, you schweepy? Why doncha just take a little naperoni. sleepingpuppy1 2. AND THEY'RE OUT! OHMYGHERD SLEEPING PUPPY BUMZ! sleepingpuppy2 3. OH MY GHERD SCHWEEPING PUG TONGUES. sleepingpuppy3 4.BIGGER TONGUES!!! AND TEENY PAWS!!! sleepingpuppy4 5. A PUPPY WITH DUCKLINGS, INTERNET ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?! sleepingpuppy7 6. Heart swells.... sleepingpuppy8 7. Heart swells more... sleepingpuppy9 8. SQUEE! *Tears streaming down face... sleepingpuppy10 9. GET OUT OF HERE CAT! YOU'RE NOT A PUPPY! sleepingpuppycat 10. That's better. sleepingpuppy11 11. Snorglsdjfkglsdfdszomggzzz sleepingpuppy12 12. DEM ROLLZ THO sleepingdog13 13. Who'z a lil polar bear pup??? sleepingpuppypolarbear 14. Just. Wanna. Snorgle. Dis. With. Keesess.... sleepingpuppy15 15. THOSE WHISKERS! sleepingpuppywhiskers 16. DROOPY PAWZ!!! sleepingpuppydroopypaws 17. Stop. It. sleepingpuppy18 18. DOUBLE PUGS?! I die. sleepingpuppypugs 19. I'll play fetch with you all day and night, little fuzzbum. sleepingpuppybaseball 20. SQUEE! Pom with fuzzy Pom-like toy! sleepingpuppypom 21.DOUBLE SQUEE!!! Double snuggle bumz... sleepingpuppyspooning 22.TRIPLE SQUEE!!! Puppeh king of mah heart. sleepingpuppycrown 23. Get outta town. Just look at the teeny tuft of fur between puppeh toes... sleepingpuppytoes 24. Dat full bellyyyyyyyyyyy... sleepingpuppybelly 25. Alright I'm going to start an exercise where I spell out the first sound that comes out of my mouth: "Ohbruhbruhbruhhhhhhhhhhhh" sleepingpuppy19 26. "Ayyhhhhohhhhhhhhhhh mai gherrshhhh!!!!!" sleepingpuppy20 27. *high pitch* "EeeeeeeEEEeeee!" sleepingpuppy21 28."Uffuufffuffffuffuffffffffffff!!!! sleepingpuppyfan 29."Ruvruvruvruvruvruvruvruvruvruvruv..." sleepingpuppydalmation 30."TEENY CHI!!!" sleepingpuppychihuahua 31. OMG SRSLY???!! sleepingpuppyinbowl 32. You just keep layin' there. Mah heart asploded. sleepingpuppyfloor 34. SWEET MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND CUDDLY! sleepingpuppy22 35. My. Heart. Can't. Take. This. Anymore. sleepingpuppy23

Oh good! You're up. Let's snuggle.

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Hope Bobbitt

9 years ago

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