13 Types Of Sleeping Puppies And The Cute Aggression They Cause

Since we started BarkPost (and since the dawn of the Internet...and possibly time....) the image of a sleeping puppy has never not elicited a mixture of "squee!!!" and "oh-my-dog-I-must-inhale-this-puppy's-entire-being-right-now." Sometimes certain tiny creatures are so dang cute, that you might find yourself fighting against the phenomenon of "cute aggression." I know certain little pups turn me into a regular Abominable Snowsnuggler. Behold some of the sleeping puppy archetypes you'll encounter in your cyberspace travels. (We do NOT condone violently squeezing tiny puppies. Always be gentle with the little dudes!) 1. The Snorin' Snoozer. Get this puppy a nasal strip! Or don't because this is so motherpuppin' cute. I kind of want to squeeze it so hard that it lets out one big whoopee cushion-style snore.
Cute Aggression Level: Whoopee cushion squeeze
2. Falling asleep while sitting up. Gah! BULLDOG PUPPY. Did you work the graveyard shift? WHY SO SWEEPY? I must nom all your rolls.
Cute Aggression Level: Mouthful of wrinkles
3. I'm trying to sleep here... Alarm dog does not come equipped with a snooze button, but that won't stop me from SMOOSHING YOUR FAAACE. funny-dog-try-to-wake-up-its-owner-9
Cute Aggression Level: Boops to the point of maximum smoosh
4. Chirping and chattering. What are you dreaming of, little darling? With your dolly by your side, resting on your human's pajama-clad legs? Well, I dream of you. I dream of sniffing your fluffitude until my nose is raw.
Cute Aggression Level: FLUFFBOT 3000
5. Night barks! Night talker is chatty but I'll still squeeze this pup like a teddy bear!!!
Cute Aggression Level: I will hug you, and squeeze you, and call you George
6. The Stomach Sleeper. When you just PLOP...with your 'tocks in the air. I will not pinch your cheeks. #BootyHadMeLike stomach sleeper frenchie
Cute Aggression Level: TOO BOOTYLICIOUS
7. Running while sleeping. "I'LL GET YOU, SQUIRREL!!!" The belly. THE BELLY.
Cute Aggression Level: I would walk 500 miles for this cuteness
8. Sleeping like/with a baby. Watch this fur child falling asleep with a hairless, bipedal human puppy. Eeeeeeeeenhhh.
9. This is my jam! When your alarm clock is set to your favorite song and you wake up singing. #LetItGo #LetUsGoToKaraoke
10. With eyes wide open... Snoring? Check. Looks like Darth Vader? Check. SLEEPS WITH EYES OPEN? Eeek, check!
Cute Aggression Level: May the snorts be with you
11. The AC hog Hot dog! I will cover that ear in ketchup and nom it off.
dog with ac sleeepppppp
Cute Aggression Level: Delicious
12. The Insomniac No more caffeine after 4pm, k?
Cute Aggression Level: Must smoosh (if mother will allow it)
13. Puppy pile. AKA, why the Internet was invented. Call me Cuddl-ella de Vil because I will snorgle your dots off, puppies! sweet_dreams_dalmatian_puppies_large
Cute Aggression Level: 101 snuggles
Featured image via LolDamn

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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