Sleepy Rescue Pit Bull Uses Her Brother’s Ear As A Blanket

Noelani Guerrerro is a devoted rescuer, fosterer, and adoptive pawrent to countless Pit Bulls through Fresno Bully Rescue. Not only does she personally volunteer her time and her home to helping this all too misunderstood breed, she also runs an online shop called Urban Suburban Apparel where she creates stylish clothes with positive Pit Bull messaging. A portion of the proceeds is of course donated to Pit Bull rescue groups.


Two of Noelani’s permanent residents are Angel and Malachi. They are both silly, playful, overgrown puppies in their own right, but they are also happy to lend a paw in raising the array of Pibble pups that pass through their home. They serve as trainers, mentors and role models to the foster pooches as they await their own forever families.

pibble spoons

When they aren’t helping Noelani with the fosters or enjoying a romp through the hose, these two enjoy a good, long nap. Angel and Malachi are not what you’d call ‘Morning Pibbles’. They play hard and when it comes time for sleeping, they mean business. In the following video, hippo-bodied Angel uses Malachi’s ear as a silky silver blanket during their tandem snooze. Does it get more adorable than two rescued Pit Bulls in love? We think not.

Noelani’s Facebook and Instagram pages are veritable treasure chests of Pibble charm. Do yourself a favor and check them out for daily doses of heartwarming rescue dog cuteness. And don’t forget to shop for the cause at

Featured Image via Noelani & Pups/Facebook

Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago