Clever Pup Uses Slippers To Save Her Owner’s Life

Written by: Laura Hartle

March 1, 2015

When Mazie noticed that her mom, Linda Humphrey, had collapsed from blood poisoning, the pup wasted no time alerting her dad, Mark. Though her tactics may have been unusual (did Lassie ever use slippers?), thank goodness they worked!

The 3-year-old Labrador rushed upstairs to nudge Mark awake. When that didn’t work, she went back to get his slippers and took matters into her own paws.


“Mazie, who’s a rescue dog, ran upstairs to try to wake my husband. She went as far as getting him his slippers and putting his slippers on the bed. When he still didn’t get up she started jumping on the bed, which she’s not allowed to do. So, eventually, he got up, put on his slippers, came downstairs and found me unconscious on the floor,” Linda told Pirate FM.

When he arrived downstairs, Mark found their other dog, Cookie, watching over Linda, who was rushed to the hospital. It’s unclear whether Mazie responded to her owner’s collapse or if she was able to actually pick up on Linda’s blood poisoning symptoms.

“They have been bred for many, many generations to become our companions so they are very, very attuned to us but also very protective. They want to keep us safe and it’s this combination that makes them fantastic and means they are able to warn us of dangers we are unaware of,” says Dr Claire Guest, director of Medical Detecting Dogs.


Either way, Linda is on the road to recovery and very proud of her pup. She and Mark are thankful they didn’t listen when the were discouraged from adopting Mazie due to her previous behavioural problems and nervous nature.

Check out Mazie in action:

h/t toPirate FM and The Telegraph

Written by: Laura Hartle

March 1, 2015