18 Signs Your Small Dog Thinks It’s Ruler Of The House

Whether it’s a Napawleon complex or an optical illusion, it always seems like the smaller the dog, the bigger the personality. Small dog syndrome really takes root when you’re cooped up together under one roof. Here’s some behaviors you might want to look out for before you sign the lease with a tiny, adorable terr(i)or!

1. You wanted a bagel for breakfast, but they got there first. #sorrynotsorry

bagel dog

2. When they haven’t had their morning coffee and they’re all like, “Get off my lawn!”


3. Their favorite activity when they’re bored at home:

shameless pug

4. They think they’re The Rock of the dog world.

5. They make fun of your taste in bags, then look up to see if you’re crying yet.



6. They’ll take the big bed, thanks.


7. Clearly, all the food is only for them.

8. You should probably just find another place to sleep; this bed’s taken forever.

tiny dog on bed

9. One day they decide to be a centerpiece in the foyer.


10. They think Netflix and Chill is a solo activity. You have to pry the remote from their cold, dead paws.


11. You find them gloating over their shoe collection.


12. You veto the Dachshund pajama party, but then you find these guys in your sock drawer anyway.

dach party

13. They walk into the room like THIS:


14. They think tall furniture makes them tall, and thus, better than you.


15. They’re always checking in on you to make sure you haven’t brought anyone home.


16. They’ve self-appointed themselves as captain of the living room. Whenever you ask them about an election, they tell you democracy is dead.


17. Other dogs are not allowed to look them directly in the eye.small-dog-rulers-2

18. Sure they might be a little over-the-top, but they have a tough job defending the house…from the ankles down.


Featured image via @cha_changgg

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago