22 Simple Pleasures Only Dog People Understand

Written by: Lisa Bernier

March 26, 2015

There are some obvious things that people know are great about dogs (their loyalty, their deprives, etc). But then there are the small, everyday pleasures that only those who have ever had a dog can truly understand and cherish.

Here are 25 of the quiet ways dogs bring joy into our day-to-day lives just by being them.

1. They are the perfect alarm clock. Who wants to listen to a crowing rooster when you can get woken up by cuddles and kisses instead? Or you know. Jumping jacks on top of you.


2. Playing fetch after a long day at work with your dog and seeing how happy your pup is, which makes you realize: It really is the simple things that can bring the most happiness.


3. Never having to pick up food you drop anymore (unless it’s pup poison in delicious form. But you’d pick up that chocolate you’d drop anyways because, you know, five second rule applies hard core for candy).

4. The fact that DOG TV EXISTS.

5. Watching your dog dream. Their twitches and dream barks are adorable and more riveting than any GOT episode.

6. The way the fur behind their ears stays puppy soft.

7. How close they snuggle, so much so that your limb falls a sleep, but you don’t move it just so you don’t disturb them.


8. The way all dogs’ tongues curl when they’re at the peak of a yawn with all their teeth showing.


9. Waking up to find them staring at you and part of you is like, “Yikes how long have you been there you creep.” But mostly you’re just like “Oh my dog I love you so much!”


10. When you teach them something new and you realize that YOU IMPARTED KNOWLEDGE to another living being.


11. The click of their claws on the floor, letting you know you always have a loving shadow by your side. (Or conversely, when you don’t hear it, knowing they’re getting into mischief).

14. When they use their paws to hold things.

12. When they bring you toys one by one when you’re sad or stressed to make you feel better or if you’re working they bring you a toy until you start playing with them and they think that was the toy you were waiting for.

13. Paw prints in the snow.


14. The way they dig and circle into ANYTHING until it’s pawfectly comfortable–and then sometimes they flop down in another spot.


15. Walking through the door and being greeted like you’re the awesomest being on the planet of earth.


16. Watching them pick through their toys until they find the very specific one they want to play with.


17. Smelling their paws.


18. When they look up at you during walks, just to check in and see you’re still there.


19. When they finally learn their name.

20. Walking out of the bathroom to find them waiting right outside the door.


21. Knowing they have no idea they’re no longer a puppy.

22. When they trot over and lay their head on any part of your body. Why? Because love.


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Written by: Lisa Bernier

March 26, 2015

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