These Pups Can’t Walk, Here’s How Kisses Can Change That

Meet Tito:

via Facebook
via Facebook

Born without his front legs because of a birth defect, Tito was given up by his owner. Rescuers in the pup’s home country of Argentina shared his story in hopes that a kind person would give him a forever home, and a man 745 miles away stepped up.

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via Facebook

“The distance doesn’t matter if a dog is suffering,” Gustavo De Rosa told local news. “Tito is a dog who will need help all his life, and I’m willing to provide a home for him in which he will receive that help.”

Now here’s the part where TurboRoo rolls in.

Another pup born without his front legs, he was surrendered to a vet’s office at just 4 weeks old. A veterinary technician decided to adopt TurboRoo and wanted to get him up and mobile as soon as possible to give him a better chance at life.

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Now TurboRoo is famous (he was even on a billboard in Times Square!) and he uses his fame to help pups like Tito get a better life. He’s started a 3-D printing pup wheelchair company to give other fuzzbutts some sweet, futuristic wheels!

This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, TurboRoo and others are running the biggest #Smoochathon campaign ever, which will raise money to directly help Tito and other pups like him!

For more on how to help, check out the deets on #Smoochathon here!

Featured Image via Facebook and Turbo Roo Designs

Nicole Zalat

7 years ago