20 Sneezing Dog Faces So Ridiculous You’ll Never Complain About Having A Bad Day Again

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

March 4, 2016

Too much work? Misplaced your keys… again… for the third time… in the last hour? One word: ugh. You’re having a bad day. Luckily, we’ve got the key (no, not your actual keys… keep looking for those) to success for making the most out of a bad situation: sneezing dogs. No matter how mutherpuppin pawkward these dogs look, they don’t let it get them down.

1. We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a heated conversation, or maybe speaking in front of a crowd, when…
Ahhhh Part of Sneeze

2. …or maybe you’re at the office howliday party. You know, basically a situation in which everyone is looking ach choo.
Holiday Sneeze Funny

3. You’ve done everything you can to hold it in. Sucked in your breath, counted to 10, even asked a friend for help.
Best Sneeze Ever

4. You know those delicate kind of sneezes? The ones reminiscent of a dandelion blowing with a warm summer’s breeze? Yeah, that’s not you.
cute little sneeze

5. This… this is you.
Crazy Mouth Sneeze

6. You can try to hold it until you blow like Shamu, but you might end up looking like the dingus on the right.
Cant Hold It In Sneeze Dog

7. Time to play a little game we like to call “Is it a sneeze or is it…?” When you’re ready, just raise your hand… or, uh, ears.
dog sneezing ears up

8. Is it a sneeze or is it… you during a super intense car karaoke session? Nothing but you, the car, and a Journey #1 hits album.
Car Sneeze Funny

9. Is it a sneeze or is it… you after watching that scene from Titanic when Rose says she’ll never let go (even though we all know she totally let go and there was definitely enough room for both of them on that raft)?
Sad and Wrinkly Sneeze

10. Is it a sneeze or is it… the face you made after finding out that Colonel Mustard did it with the candlestick in the billiards room… with Ms. Scarlet?
OMG Type Sneeze

11. Is it a sneeze or is it… you after rolling (in) some grass with your friends at the park?
Chill Sneeze

12. Is it a sneeze or is it… you after you’ve had one too many shots of Pawtron at the bar, walking up to every group of girls you see all “Hey, ladies.”
Pick up chicks sneeze

13. Is it a sneeze or is it… you after stubbing your toe on that mutherpuppin’ doggy door… again?
Belting Out Kareoke Sneeze

14. Is it a sneeze or is it… that Mexican food you had at lunch taking its toll?
poop sneeze

15. Is it a sneeze or is it…you after accidentally switching to the front facing camera?
Close up sneeze

16. Is it a sneeze or is it… you silently cursing the sun? Way to be a jerk, sun. Ruining this photo.

up close and personal sneeze

17. Is it a sneeze or is it… you catching on. Yeah, that’s right. You’re on to… well, something.
zen sneeze

18. Is it a sneeze or is it… you thinking to yourself, “Nama(stay) right here without moving.”
picturesque sneeze

19. Is it a sneeze or is it… you at the dentist? Say “ahhhhhh!”
Dog On Ground Sneeze

20. Though sometimes, as much as it may shake you to your core (or off the bed), a sneeze is just a sneeze, no matter how you choose to look at it.

Featured image via Imgur

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

March 4, 2016