Today We Learned NEVER FORGET to Add “For Dogs” to Our Ads

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 18, 2020

As some of you may have seen, last week we ran ads for June’s Super Chewer box, Backyard BBQ, which was full of scented nylon food toys. In making these ads, we* somehow forgot to include the very important detail that these were toys for dogs.

*And by we we are referring to JEROME, our creative director. 🙄

Without the specification of “for dogs,” here is a list of things people thought these dog toys were:

  • soap⁠
  • toys for human toddlers⁠
  • gum
  • diet aids
  • candle warmers⁠
  • Jawzrsize equipment⁠
  • other things we cannot repeat because this is a place of BIZNESS

It took a ton of comments and some re-reading on our part to figure out where we went wrong. We’re a dog company, we talk about dogs 24/7 so HOW did we FORGET? We’re not pointing fingers or blaming Jerome or anything but WAY TO GO, JAH ROME.

Anyway, with no mention of the word dog in sight, people came up with their own ideas with what these toys were and let’s just say, it was an interesting ride. 

There were the soap people. 

The toys for babies people (you guys were close, we’ll admit.)

the … gum people? We will never understand but we’ll take it.

The people seeking the latest diet and exercise fad.  

And then our FAVORITE part of this whole experience was when we discovered the greatest group on Facebook. 

From all of this we learned three things. 
2. We’ll never forget to add the dog again.
3. Corn makes people very angry, and we, as the social team of BARK, are extremely proud new members of the greatest Facebook Group on the internet. (CORN IS STUPID OK)

P.S. Please don’t chew our toys or give them to your babies. Leave it to the Super Chewers. 

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 18, 2020