Spanish Town Makes Incredible Change To The Legal Status Of All Of Its Pets

It seems that we hear stories of animal cruelty almost every day. It’s overwhelming. One town in Spain is doing something about it.

The tiny town of Trigueros del Valle, located in the province of Valladolid, has only 300 residents. Most of these humans are avid animal lovers.

To protect the dogs and cats they consider family, the town has decreed all canines and felines to be “non-human residents.”


The decree will:

“Dignify the lives of dogs and cats, animals which have shared with man thousands and thousands of years and have been a great help to him.”

The local government will step in and take all responsibility for any stray animals. Animal abusers will also face harsh punishments.

Local activist Mercedes Cano calls this move a “historic declaration,” on par with children’s rights. She notes that the law doesn’t demand that you have to love pets, only that you respect them and grant them the dignity they deserve.

High paws to the hoomans of Trigueros del Valle! Let’s hope other towns follow their example!

Feature image via @xxpalomoxx.

h/t The Telegraph.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago