This Camera Snaps A Photo Whenever Your Pup Gets Excited

If you've ever wondered what gets a dog's pulse pounding, new technology from Nikon is making it possible to find out. The company has designed a camera that automatically snaps photos when a dog experiences excitement, activity, or emotion. A camera case is attached to a collar that monitors a dog's heart rate and sends the number to the case. Humans can choose the baseline rate to trigger photos. "Heartography" is pretty amazing! [bp_related_article] Nikon said: "Photographers often take pictures of things that touch them emotionally. We wanted to help dogs do the same." Watch adorable phodographer Grizzler try out his new camera. (BTW, I had no idea that was how "Nikon" was pronounced. #TheMoreYouKnow)
h/t Daily Mail

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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