When You Win $1,000 To Spoil Your Pup, Here’s How You Should Spend It!

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 11, 2015

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When non-pup parents win the lottery, they usually take some time to figure out how they’ll spend their winnings. Not pup parents, though. Nope. We know exactly where our money’s going.

To the dogs.

Here’s what we’d do if we had a cool grand to spend.

1. A Royal Pet Portrait: $150 and up

Your dog already thinks she’s royalty, so why not put a regal portrait of her Royal Fuzzbuttiness on your living room wall? Send a few snapshots to the Regal Beagle team and they’ll artfully photoshop your pooch into a classic work of art. Then, they’ll send you a copy printed on stretched canvas.

regal beagle pet portriat

2. A Massive Pile Of Dog Treats: Prices vary

Whether you make ’em yourself or you buy ’em from BarkShop, you’ll spend your extra dough making sure your pup never gives you the hungry eyes again. Bonus points for giving them a giant pile of treat riches to roll around in. This is the dog version of rolling around in a pile of money.

dog swimming in treats

3. Canine Treadmill: $649.95

Your dog is going to need to work off all of those aforementioned treats before he heads to the French Riviera, right?

canine treadmill

4. Nidin Origami Coffee Table & Dog Bed: Price varies

Your stylish best friend deserves a totally cool place to lounge after all of that hard work of sleeping, playing, sleeping, eating, and sleeping.

dog bed coffee table

5. Some remodeling: Prices vary

Perhaps your pampered pooch is too good for those basic coffee table dog beds and wants something way better than any other pup on the block. The solution? Make (ahem, have someone else make) a custom dog bed that seamlessly blends in with your decor.

Custom Built In Dog Bed

6. Health Insurance: $550 per year

Pawrents’ worst fear: Something happening to your dog.

Pawrents’ second worst fear: Not being able to pay for the treatment.

Solution: Figo pet health insurance. Figo covers almost everything, even prosthetics and holistic/alternative treatments!

Now, you won’t need to panic (as much) the next time your pup takes a tumble down the stairs!

dog falling down stairs

7. The Dogocle: $50

Because you want everyone to know that your pup has more money than Uncle Moneybags.


8. Camio: $9 for plus plan

Spoiled dogs may appear prim and proper to strangers, perfectly coiffed pups can be total terrors when left on their own. Keep tabs on your BFF when you’re at work with Camio.

Camio turns your laptop, cell phone and/or tablet into a streaming video camera. It’s free with one camera device and $9 for the plus plan with two devices. Considering how much trouble dogs can get into, you’ll probably want to double down on your spy games and go for the plus plan.

And, you’ll finally find out who’s been deleting your favorite shows from your DVR.

dog stealing remote

9. Spaw Treatments: Prices vary

Let’s let you in on a little secret, your pup doesn’t hate baths. He simply doesn’t think a mere bath is worthy of his exquisite fur. He wants to be pampered!

Nearly every town or city has a doggie spa that will treat your pet to massages, glossy fur blow-outs and even a dead sea mud mask – no, really, that exists! Do some sleuthing, find one in your area and make an appointment to get your pup’s belly rubbed by the pros!

2 frenchies in a tub

10. iFetch: $100

iFetch is the ultimate in luxurious dog toys. What better gift is there than a never-ending game of fetch?


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Written by: Regina Lizik

May 11, 2015

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