Husky Thinks Belly Rubs Are A Lot More Important Than Owner’s Control Of Car

Let’s face it, we all spoil our dogs. We treat them like our children, we serve them healthier food than we eat, we groom them, we play with them, and we give them treats. It turns out, however, that dogs know this fully well and they use it to their advantage. Case in point: Luna, the spoiled Husky. Luna knows that she’s the queen of the household, so when Luna and her owner go for a ride in the car, Luna requests that her belly be rubbed. Normally, it’s important to keep both hands on the wheel, but when Luna wants something, she gets it. And if she doesn’t get it, Luna will actually take her owner’s hand and put it on her belly. Come on, how could you say no to a face like Luna’s?

h/t Rumble Viral

Jared Evan

6 years ago

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