11 Athletic Costumes So Your Dog Can Score Some Major Halloween Points

Howdy, Sports Fans! It's Halloween again. The one time of year when you can truly get away with forcing your dog to promote your favorite sport. Whether you're an armchair quarterback or an ultimate fighter, we've got something here for every athlete and their pup mascot! 1. Gridiron Cuties: Pig skin season is upon us, and lucky for all you football fans, the cute canine costumes abound! Your pooch can be a ref, a player, or even the ball itself! 12135340_831601176953073_761302507_n dog-halloween-costume-football-player Touchdown Hound Dog Costume 12070965_175673626102236_1056017040_n 2. Cheerleaders: Cheering is a sport, too! Our dogs are our cheerleaders everyday, so why not dress them that way on Halloween! cheerblonde 11899443_560040767482063_451080897_n cheerderp 3. Court Side Canines: Basketball requires a lot of finesse and a lot of style. Think your pup has what it takes to rock a B-ball costume? bball2 bball basketball dog 4. Field of Dreams: Baseball is an American tradition. How does your dog look in a ball cap? Extra points if you can get him to wear knee socks! Mets-Dog baseball-pug huge-dog-in-baseball-uniform 5. Blades of Glory: For tough pups only. Hockey costumes are a great choice for dogs who are missing a few molars, incisors, or maybe a "canine" or two! 12070647_1508580566129783_1565290717_n 12063168_963915883646746_92668863_n 6. Paw to Paw Contact: Does your pooch have the eye of the tiger? The heart of a lion? Then a boxing or karate themed costume is the best around. Just watch out for that right hook and that crane kick! 11899636_1196843220331252_2135806860_n 10520112_1443372115934231_54546375_n 11934603_118861785130908_499299172_n 12145166_183950438608151_1951723933_n 7. Need For Speed: Do you have to wave the checkered flag to get your pooch to slow down? Dress him as a race car driver or a motocross pup! Racecar Doggod tinyracer 11421976_490517341116948_947987234_n 11856643_487397541428111_4359997_n 8. Water Pups: Love to explore under the sea? Is surfing your soul's calling? Fly fish to unwind? If you live the salt life, try picking one of these aqua-themed costumes for your best bud! 11191115_486299224854990_2076635024_n 10299808_1624901277750967_382543842_n 11333730_1015352705150824_1559315342_n 12063188_1706903926196377_1795140333_n 9. Snow Bunnies: Some dogs dig the snow. Let them show their love for winter sports this Halloween. 1724015_1396322253965930_1696581232_n 11269139_365620703629396_1564053932_n 10. Par For The Pup: Maybe you'd rather play the back nine. I'm sure your pooch would make a cute caddy! Fore! 11335482_947105832019466_1464790616_n 11117053_420314094815952_1684258931_n 10299771_237148939813646_1204254435_n 12080680_1486427051661456_1441702215_n 11. Backswing Buddies: For the refined Fido who likes to hit the country club. Tennis, anyone? 11084797_809953635726375_125603444_n 11850237_426465104230304_1035835588_n 11049199_364259753779914_1410272130_n

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Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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