A Couple Guys In Squeaky Shoes Win Over Every Dog In The Park

We've teamed up with one of our favorite sites, PEOPLE Pets, to bring you and your four-legged friends even more cute photos, celeb pet news, funny videos and must-see stories. Check back every week for new furry fun! Do you love dogs … but have trouble attracting them when visiting your local dog park? Finally, there's a solution! Prankster Jack Vale and the guys at JStuStudios teamed up to answer a simple question: What would happen if you went to a dog park wearing shoes that make noise like squeaky toys? While the dogs definitely take an interest in the shoes, it's the reactions of the humans that make the video. The JStuStudios guys specialize in making people that perfect combo of amused and bemused. A previous squeaky shoe video had the guys traipsing through a packed library, and the people trying to study seem less annoyed by the situation than you'd expect. You have to wonder how different your life would be, dog-wise and beyond, if you just wore squeaky shoes more often. Anxious to know more about your favorite pet celebs? View the hottest stories at PEOPLE Pets: Stars & Their Adorable Pets!, The Cutest Pets on Twitter This Week, and Funny Pet Videos! It’s plain to see why they’re one of our favorites!

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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