Meet The Best Carpet A Pet Owner Could Have

Written by: Nicole Zalat

October 23, 2015

This post is sponsored by the humans at STAINMASTER® PetProtect®, the official carpet sponsor of the ASPCA®. STAINMASTER® PetProtect® is the first carpet & cushion system designed for pets and their parents, so they’ve got all the wagging rights!

On the surface, Rambo The Puppy seems to have it all — the love of thousands of fans, unlimited belly scratches from his human, and a killer sense of style.

“Outfit of the day!”
"Outfit of the day!"

But Rambo has a little secret that’s been plaguing his doggie conscience since he first moved into his current house. He’s a little shy, so you have to promise you won’t laugh.

“Oh man, this is so embarrassing!”
"Oh man, this is so embarrassing!"

When he first moved into his house, he had a few… accidents. His human told us Rambo used to get really excited when people came over to visit, causing him to leave a few tinkle stains around the entryway.

“You’re not gonna tell them the rest of the story, are you?”
"You're not gonna tell them the rest of the story, are you?"

But wait, there’s more. (Sorry, Rambo.) His human also told us about that one time Rambo couldn’t keep his Christmas dinner down:

“He barfed up some beef my dad fed him at Christmas (THANKS DAD, THANKS A LOT) near the dining room table, and well there was a lovely stain from that.”

“I specifically asked for bacon!”
"I specifically asked for bacon!"

As you can imagine, Rambo’s carpet was looking grody to the max, especially in those areas where he’d had accidents. No matter what the human did, the stains would just not disappear.


So when his human found out about the pet-friendly STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet & cushion system, Rambo knew his days of stained carpet were about to be over.

Specially designed to resist pet stains, reduce pet odor when cleaned, and easily release pet hair, it was a pretty easy decision to chuck the old carpet and replace it with the only one that would stand up to Rambo’s messes.


Since Lowe’s is offering free installation with the purchase of STAINMASTER® carpet until 12/2/2015, they hooked Rambo and his human up with the installation. With one easy trip, Rambo was able to get his paws on some carpet samples.

“It’s like all my dreams are coming true at once!”
"It's like all my dreams are coming true at once!"

He got to see the selection on display and pick carpet that would look great as a background for his many photo shoots.

“So many textures to choose from! I just need a color that’ll complement my fur.”
"Yes, this is it! I just need a color that'll compliment my fur."

Out of all the styles and colors available, Rambo finally paw-picked Lucy.

“Does this one bring out the golden hue of my furbulous locks?”
"Does this one bring out the golden hue of my fabulous locks?"

Before he knew it, installation day had finally arrived and Rambo was more excited than ever to see the old carpet and padding go!


Once the new carpet & cushion system was in place, Rambo’s human couldn’t believe how soft it was.

“The new carpet is INSANELY AWESOME. Am I walking around on clouds?! Heck I might be for all I know. THAT’S HOW MUTHERPUPPIN’ SOFT IT IS, Y’ALL.”

Yep, Rambo had the same reaction in DogSpeak:

That’s the face of a pup who no longer has to worry about embarrassing pee stains and other doggie messes!

new carpet_perfect for rolling over and getting belly rubs

With its stain-resisting power, the new carpet will stay pristine for future photoshoots, even if Grandpa decides to slip Rambo some beef this Christmas! 😉

new carpet_pooped pup

Visit STAINMASTER® to find out about STAINMASTER® PetProtect®, the carpet & cushion system that resists pet stains, reduces pet odor when cleaned, and easily releases pet hair. STAINMASTER® PetProtect® is also the official carpet sponsor of the ASPCA! 😀 Help shelter pets around the country and take the ASPCA®’s pledge to make adoption your first option.

Written by: Nicole Zalat

October 23, 2015