How One Dog Inspired One Woman To Use Her Comedy To Save Pit Bulls Everywhere

Written by: Kellie Stevens

March 4, 2016

If you’ve ever gotten to know a Pit Bull, you know what loving, goofy, charming dogs they really are despite all of the bad press they often receive in the media. That’s why we’re happy to highlight a series of events coming up around the United States called Stand Up For Pits!


The Stand Up For Pits Foundation was officially started as a non-profit in 2013 by the super talented and hilarious comedienne Rebecca Corry, but she has been doing the event for almost six years. Rebecca was inspired to do something after she adopted her own Pit Bull-type dog, Angel.

Angel was rescued from the streets of South Central in Los Angeles, suffering injures such as horribly cropped ears, chemical burns on her back, what appeared to be a broken tail, and numerous puncture wounds consistent with bait dog injuries. She was picked up in South Central Los Angeles and taken to LA Animal Services where she was nursed back to health over the course of two months by some tremendous humans, two of whom Ms. Corry is now friends with!

Angel back collage

When Angel was first rescued in 2007 (left) and after a month of care and healing (right)
Ms. Corry adopted Angel AKA The Velvet Hippo (as she affectionately refers to her), and says:

“Angel is a gift and a light in this world, and because of her I found my purpose; and because of that purpose, many lives have been and will continue to be saved. Adopting Angel 7 1/2 years ago, I started learning about the horrors these dogs endure, and daily, I too experienced the ignorance and hate because of how Angel looked. So to me, having that knowledge and doing nothing about it would mean condoning it, and I do not condone abuse and discrimination.”

Angel’s story, spirit, and inherent goodness – along with the horrific state of things for dogs labeled Pit Bull “types” – inspired her to start producing Stand Up For Pits events, raising awareness and money for numerous Pit Bull rescues around the country. Thus, the Stand Up For Pits Foundation was born.

Angel Stand Up For Pits hat

Since then, Rebecca Corry and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation have been growing and putting on more shows every year to help as many Pit Bull non-profits as possible through donations and grants. In 2014, Corry organized the historic One Million Pibble March on Washington DC, where an estimated 5,000 people from all over the US and Canada marched then rallied as one loud voice on the west lawn of our nation’s capital. All in an effort to raise awareness about breed specific legislation and abuse, specifically dogfighting.

one million pibble march

This year, Stand Up For Pits and Ms. Corry are touring eight cities across the country, including New York City, Arlington (which is already sold out!), Baltimore, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Chicago, LA, and Tacoma. There will be adoption events and SUFP donation drives which also benefit local rescue organizations and shelters before the show, a kissing booth with Angel the Velvet Hippo herself donating lots of licks and love, and the main attraction – Rebecca Corry – performing a stand-up show.

Last year, The Stand Up For Pits Foundation raised over $25,000 worth of food and shelter supplies like leashes, collars, etc., and thousands of dollars more for rescue organizations. These events are the sole source of fundraising through the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, and their goal is to double the amount that they made last year to help twice as many dogs and rescues.

SUFP Event NYC flyer

Details for the NYC Stand Up For Pits event (left), and the adoption drive/wish list for the Sean Casey Animal Rescue Adoption Drive (right)

Past and present performers – and surprise guests – have included: Adam Sandler, Rosie O’Donnell, Janeane Garofalo, Tig Notaro, Jeff Garlin, Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings, David Spade, and many many more. This year, Janeane Garofalo will be performing at the NYC event, and Justin Schlegel has just been added to the Baltimore show!

Many of the guest performers are dog owners and lovers themselves, but even those that aren’t enthusiastically support the cause against breed discrimination and abuse. There are more comedians being added all the time, and these shows are a hotbed for surprise drop-ins so don’t miss out!

Rebecca Corry performing

Corry performing stand up for the 2014 event in NYC
Details for the events can be found on the Stand Up For Pits website here, and tickets can be purchased through the home page (located on the left side about halfway down). Hurry and up and get your tickets for these super fun events because they will sell out!


Corry (all 4’10” of her) holding Angel for a Show Your Soft Side campaign
We were lucky enough to get to speak with Ms. Corry, and when asked how Angel has influenced her work, she told us:

“Angel is unbelievably hilarious. She makes me laugh every day. She’s very British, with a subtle, dry sense of humor. Storytelling is my favorite kind of comedy to watch and perform, and Angel inspires me to tell stories about her all the time. Some of my best bits are about her. I’ll never be as cool as Angel though.”

Rebecca told us that Angel has helped her evolve both as a comedienne and as a person. She says that Angel embodies all of the qualities that she doesn’t, and she could only hope to be as calm and personable as her dog.

I asked her my personal favorite question: “If Angel could drive a car, what kind of car would it be?” To which Ms. Corry replied (after asking Angel, of course):

“A motorcycle. I could see her with a little helmet on, feeling the wind in her ears. And she needs to be close to the people. She’s all about the people.”

Sounds like a Pit Bull to us!

Recebba Corry Angel

If you are unable to attend an event but wish to donate to the cause, please do so here so that Ms. Corry and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation can continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for all the wonderful Pit Bull-types out there who have already have it so hard. We dare you to read their success stories and keep a dry eye!

Angel Born Inherently Good

Did we mention they just opened a shop with Stand Up For Pits apparel on February 26? Stand Up For Pits adult onesies? YES, PLEASE.

Stand Up For Pits Pajamas

You can follow Rebecca Corry on all the social media type things (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), as well as Stand Up For Pits on Facebook.

Rebecca and Angel

We couldn’t say it any better than Stand Up For Pits themselves: “We Are Their Voice.” And it’s up to us to use our voices to stop dogfighting, abuse, and breed specific legislation.

If you suspect someone is fighting dogs call 1-877-777-2585 in LOS ANGELES COUNTY via The Stand Up For Pits Foundation. The national tip line is 1-877-TIP-HSUS. If a dog fight is in progress, call 911 immediately.

SUFP Dog Fighting Hotline

Featured Image via Stand Up For Pits and Show Us Your Soft Side
Sources: Stand Up For Pits, ASPCA

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Written by: Kellie Stevens

March 4, 2016

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