Meet The Puppy MVP Who Outplayed Peyton Manning

Reviewed by Ally Nesmith

February 9, 2016

If you, for some undogly reason, spent your Sunday cheering on either the Panthers or the Broncos, chances are you missed out on some historic moments that went down during the real Big Game this weekend.

I am referring, of course, to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII. Every year, when Team Ruff squares off with Team Fluff, you know things are going to get intense…ly adorable.


This year’s MVP is the aptly named Star! With 3 touchdowns and 2 tackles, this scruffy Chow Chow/Lab mix catapulted Team Ruff to a 70 – 44 victory over Team Fluff!

star 2

After her team got off to a bumpy start, Star quickly turned things around:

As if that wasn’t enough, Star’s most impressive maneuver was, without a doubt, the Puppy Bowl’s first ever DOUBLE TOUCHDOWN.

That’s right, midway through the second quarter, Star ran a toy into one end zone before turning and scampering all the way down field to the other. Two touchdowns in one play?! I’d like to see old what’s-his-face do that.

Points and touchdowns aside, the real victory for all of these pups is finding their forever homes. We are happy to hear that Star has found hers in Bethesda, Maryland!

Until next year, Pups!

Reviewed by Ally Nesmith

February 9, 2016