Everyone Ignored This Starving Pit Bull Until These Humans Saved Her

On August 1, the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF) found a 26 pound Pit Bull starving on the streets of LA. She was covered in ticks and maggots. She had given up on life and any hope that human kindness existed in this world.

spirit golden heart

Based on her condition, the rescue believes that the Pit Bull, now named Spirit Golden Heart, has been living on the streets for a very long time. They are left wondering how many people saw her and ignored her desperate plight. Thankfully, one Good Samaritan alerted them to her situation.

spirit golden heart 2

She is now tick free. However, her health is still poor. Although her red blood cell count is on the rise, it’s lower than it should be. Two days after her rescue, she was so weak that she could not walk outside to pee without falling down.


Spirit makes a little bit of progress each day. She can stand for longer amounts of time now and she is eating, which is an extremely positive sign.

spirit 3

The Pittie also has a fever and swollen joints. No one is quite sure of the cause. She’s currently undergoing many tests to find out if there is an underlying issue.

Although she has a long road to recovery, at least she knows that there is still love and kindness in this world. She’ll never be lost or alone again.

You can help donate to Spirit’s care via the GRFF website.

Featured image via GRFF.

h/t Palm Beach Post.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago