20 Statement Pieces For Humans Who Want To Flaunt Their Puppy Love

Written by: Claire Wolfson

November 4, 2015

Our dogs are our best friends, our soul mates, our everything. There’s no other bond like it and there’s no better way to celebrate that love than through your personal style. This curated collection of pup inspired pieces will help you showcase your love for your furry partner in crime.


Bark&Co. has teamed up with BucketFeet to create the latest dog-loving trend, Shoodles! You probably recognize the exclusive illustrations from Dave Coverly. We feature his work around our pawffice, on our bags, or on/in your BarkBox. The adorable doodles are sure to make you smile each time you look down at your pupified feet.



2.Tiny Frenchie Studs$48

Subtly show off your tough, adora-bull, dingus side with these Bulldog studs that are perfect for everyday.

Tiny Frenchie Studs


3. Labrador Collar Brooch$18

I can’t even handle the cuteness with these puptastic collar brooches. Nearly every breed imaginable is available in brooch form at the fantastic Etsy shop, Peace Of Cat. I know what I’m wearing to dinner!

Labrador Collar Brooch


4. Corgi Socks$8

Pair these Corgi socks with a pair of Shoodles and you’ll come in first place for the crazy dog lady award! 😉

Corgi Socks


5. Friendship Collar$35

“A collar for your pet and a matching bracelet just for you, because best friends should match!” This is magic to any fashion forward, hound loving human’s ears!

Friendship Collars


6. Crazy Dog Lady Tote$16

Nothing howls “I LOOOOVE MY DOG” more than a Crazy Dog Lady Tote. Wear this on your everyday commute to work and see how many new furiends you make.

Crazy Dog Lady Tote


7. Frenchie Love Necklace$180

Verameat is my favorite dog-themed jewelry designer. Her designs are beautifully crafted with the perfect amount of edge.

Frenchie Love Necklace


8. Dog Print Scarf, $112

Whether you are bracing for the cold or just want to earn some major style points, this scarf is the epitome of doggo chic.

Dog Print Scarf


9. Disney Dalmatian Vans$75

Disney + 101 Dalmatians + Vans, best collaboration ever?! I think so. Turn every head in the city while your struttin’ down the street with your mutt in these dogified kicks.

Disney Dalmatian Vans


10. Dachshund Creamer,$15.00

Declare your crazy dog lover at the same time you declare your fanaticism for coffee. Pour creamer into your morning caffeine boost doggie style with this Dachshund creamer.

Dachshund Creamer


11. Bull Terrier Ring$108.14

A Bully For You is a collection of sterling silver Bull Dog inspired jewelry. If you’ve been on the hunt for unique Bully specific baubles this shop is a diamond in the ruff!

Bull Terrier Ring


12. Pug Notebook, $14

Tell everyone at your pawffice how you feel about your canine bestie by taking meeting notes in this dogified notebook. It’s whimsical, but can be put to serious use – and unlike real Pugs, the Pugs on this notebook do not snore.

Pug Notebook


13. Puppy Paws Print Custom Vans$120

Puppy lover’s favorite emojis in pawesome wearable form, YAS!

Puppy Paw Print Custom Vans


14. Doxie Luxe Beanie$31

High fashion inspired, Dachshund approved. This beanie is the chicest way to flaunt your love for furry Wieners!

Doxie Luxe Beanie


15. Dachshund Ear Cuff$15.99

Speaking of Wieners, wear this Dachshund ear cuff for a subtle yet bold statement that proclaims your sausage obsession.

Dachshund Ear Cuff


16. Dapper Dog Watch$28

With this Dapper hound telling your time you’ll never be late again!

Dapper Dog Watch


17. Dog Leggings$33.15

If you’re going to wear leggings they should definitely have dogs on them, because otherwise, you’re just an athleisure fashion victim, amirite? These little numbers wick moisture and remain breathable, making them perfect for running around with your pooch all day.

Dog Leggings


18. Engravable iHeart Dog Necklace, $10+

With pretty much every breed imaginable available, you can show the whole world that your pup is the center of your heart with this engravable stainless steel pendant. It’s a classy, yet bold, way to show off your puppy ruv.

Engravable iHeart Dog Necklace


19. Boston Terrier Cross Body Bag$16.50

You’ll never have a bad day again with this little Boston Terrier face by your side. BENWINEWIN Etsy shop features dozens of other pup breeds so you can pick the face that matches your heart.

Boston Terrier Cross Body Bag


20. Patty the Poodle Mask, $40

Having a bad hair day? No problem. Patty the Poodle’s hair always looks posh and polished. Also a great option when you don’t want to wear makeup or when you want to scare your friends, family, and/or coworkers.

Patty the Poodle Mask

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Written by: Claire Wolfson

November 4, 2015

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