This Yellow Lab Named Stella Seriously Has The Perfect Life

Meet Stella, a yellow Lab that puts any happy person to shame. With her crazy ways of playing and drinking water, the enjoyment that Stella gets out of life is one that we should all try and emulate. Without a care in the world, Stella grabs life by the horns and doesn't care what people think. I guess this is what we'd look like if we didn't have to maintain a job or pay rent. Lucky dog! Stella's owner, Jody Hartman, who uploaded this adorable compilation to YouTube, says Stella has "an interesting way of doing... everything." And as for her "dog brakes," Jody says Stella does it to cool down her belly when she plays too hard and has "zero medical issues." Did you hear that, opinionated commenters? Your tirade of concern can stop this dog! Rock on, Stella!.... or should we say STELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA!!!!!!!! [bp_related_article]

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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