Stolen Dog Reunites With Owner After 7 Months, Kisses Him More Than You’ve Ever Kissed Anybody

A white and tan Pit Bull who was recently found as a stray has more to her story than just being a homeless dog. "Chloe," who was picked up by Collier County Domestic Animal Services (CCDAS) in Naples, FL, was actually stolen from her family seven months ago. [bp_related_article] After CCDAS posted a video of "Chloe" to Facebook, her family recognized her as their Mary Jane, and now they - and the entire world - have the sweetest (and most slobbery) reunion to watch over and over again.

"CHLOE" was stolen 7 months ago. Recently DAS found her roaming the streets and took her to the shelter. Thanks to YOUR...

Posted by Collier DAS Dogs - this page solely run by volunteers on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Featured image via Collier DAS Dogs/Facebook

Levity Tomkinson

6 years ago

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