These Stories Of Humans Rescuing Pitties – And Vice Versa – Will Fill You With Joy

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

February 26, 2016

Last week we rounded up some of our favorite “Show Us Your Pitties” photos to help debunk 5 of the most hateful Pit Bull myths. We had so many amazing reader submissions that we just had to go for Round 2 and show off the rest of those beautiful Pitties you were so gracious to put on display!

So without further ado, here are your meaty, muscle-bound, derp-tastic Pibbles! Thanks for sharing!

Maggie (aka: Piggie)

Maggie was turned over to the local ASPCA after her first owner was finished breeding her. When Rachel and Joseph adopted her, they found out that Maggie had a congenital heart defect that made it unsafe to spay her. Despite her condition, Maggie loves to play and is rarely seen without a toy. We don’t know how much time this sweet girl will have, but we do know that she will spend every moment being cherished by her new family.

image1 (4)


Lucy’s story is a perfect example of the unfair discrimination faced by Pitties. Her parents wanted to rescue a shelter dog, and knowing that their local shelter was packed with Pibbles, they hoped to bring one home. Unfortunately, they rent their townhouse, and any dog bearing Pit Bull characteristics is banned by their landlord.

Luckily, they found and fell in love with Lucy, listed as a Lab Mix by the shelter. Although she definitely has lots of Yellow Lab in her blood, Lucy’s folks know there’s some Pibble in there, too! Out of 10 pictures sent to us of Lucy (or Lucy the Goose as her mom calls her), half of them show her snuggling contentedly in her new forever home. This is one pup who knows how to relax in style!


Tina the Lovebull

Tina and her mom met under gut-wrenching circumstances while living in a large apartment complex in Turkey. Tina had been sold at only 3 weeks old and was living with a neighbor in deplorable conditions that led to her escaping frequently, suffering heatstroke 3 times, and experiencing various health concerns due to untreated food allergies.

One day, Tina’s mom found her locked in her kennel unconscious after her teenage owner trapped her with a live bird in an effort to “train her as a fighting dog.” That was the final straw. After trying unsuccessfully to find a safe home for Tina, her mom finally gave in and made their bond permanent. Due to her past abuse, Tina has suffered malnutrition, stunted growth, severe skin problems, anxiety and life threatening conditions with her heart and respiration. But she is loved.

If you need more proof that Tina’s mom is a devoted Pittie parent, how about this? She sent us a whopping 49 photos!



This honey colored cutie was a wedding present to her mom. The family has two other dogs, but they all agree that Athena is the sweetest and most loyal. Yet another example of a misunderstood breed.



Look at this smiley goober! Bama may be a candidate for Dingus of the Week as well as a Show Us Your Pitties star! He enjoys driving his 7-year-old sister to the bus stop each morning, cuddling with his cat, and being hand-fed treats in bed. He refuses to nap without an array of pillows under his meaty head. But Bama didn’t always have it so good. He was rescued by a North Carolina group after being beaten, starved and left for dead. He underwent several surgeries and overcame debilitating anxiety to become the sweet lap dog he is today.



This sweet girl was rescued from a high-kill South Carolina shelter and transferred to foster care in New Jersey thanks to a group of dedicated rescuers. Although Callie was lucky enough to find her forever family while still a pup, she still suffered fear, anxiety and malnutrition from her unstable past. Over time, Callie has come out of her shell and learned to thrive in her new home.

4 years later


This little super model has quite the tale to tell! While caring for her mother during breast cancer treatment, Lexi’s owner began fostering dogs. Lexi was lucky #13 and found her forever home right there with her foster mom. The family just couldn’t bear to part with that adorable face (can you blame them??). Lexi’s grandma has recovered from her illness, and credits Lexi with “bringing light to a very dark time” in her life.


Lady (aka Ladybug)

One has only to look at this dog’s demurely crossed legs to figure out how she got the name Lady. When her mom visited the shelter with her now-husband, she had no intention of adopting a dog, but classy Lady won her over with a slinky supermodel pose. Little Miss Ladybug is thought to be a Pit/Border Collie mix, but no matter what is in her DNA, her folks are hooked!



Miss Sadie certainly isn’t pure Pibble (is anyone?), but she’s still got some Pittie tendencies – namely her endless capacity for love and affection, especially when her Schnauzer cousin, Ollie is around!


Leila (aka: Monkey)

Leila’s mom had the unique opportunity to actually witness her Pibble-child’s birth. She was diagnosed with a 3/5 heart murmur at only 6 months of age, but according to her mom, it certainly hasn’t slowed Leila down! She loves performing high-speed zoomies around the yard and using the furniture as her own personal jungle-gym (hence the nickname Monkey). As you can see below, she’s also got a fresh sense of style!

image1 (3)

Featured Image via Gloria and Bama

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

February 26, 2016

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