German Woman Finds Soul Mate In Stray She Bonded With While On Vacation In The Philippines

Germany resident Emmy Karnot flew to the Philippines for a relaxing vacation, but what she left with was much more than a tan and bag of souvenirs. 1917786_1123146864363936_6265860447162313712_n Karnot was on vacation in Boracay and looking to celebrate her birthday on the beach when she met a police officer who introduced her to puppies living under an unused police car. After playing with the dogs for half an hour, Karnot was ready to leave; however, the local officer gave her one of the dogs as a birthday present. "My only thought was, what if I do everything wrong?" Karnot told the Daily Mail. "[But I thought] if he stays with me, it's better than there." 10401062_1123147517697204_6153075602836711805_n Ever since the police officer handed her that present, Karnot and her new pal, Buddy, have been inseparable. In order to adopt Buddy and bring him back to Germany with her, Karnot had to extend her six-week trip to the Philippines to a three-month stint, but she says the grueling adoption process was worth it. "It was so complicated and expensive to get all the papers he need for Germany," Karnot wrote on Facebook. "Sometimes I was so close to giving up, but with the help of my friends we arrived happily together six weeks ago in Germany. I couldn't leave him behind--I love this little guy so much." 10307426_1123147411030548_1256856690456241984_n

H/t to the Daily Mail

Featured image via Emmy Karnot

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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