Woman Flies Thousands Of Miles To Adopt The Courageous Stray Dog Who Saved Her Life

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

August 21, 2015

Twenty-five year old Georgia Bradley and her boyfriend were vacationing in Crete when Georgia was approached by two men. When she rejected their advances, the men instantly became aggressive. One of them grabbed her arm and tried to drag her away.

Georgia feared for her life, but she didn’t realize that help had already arrived. That help was in the form of a four-legged fluffybutt now named Pepper.

pepper 2

Georgia said that the pup “came out of nowhere” and jumped at the men. The men were so startled that they ran off. The sweet and brave dog followed Georgia back to the apartment that she and her boyfriend were vacationing in. After a short time, Pepper let them pet her.

The dog was instantly devoted to the pair. She trotted after them everywhere they went in Crete. And in an extreme declaration of love, Pepper ran after their car as they drove to the airport.

After being home for only two weeks, Georgia knew that Pepper belonged with her. She took the first flight she could to get back to her four-legged savior.

pepper 3

Miraculously, she found Pepper sitting on the same beach where the dog had saved her from the attackers.


After vaccinations, a microchip, a puppy passport and a 21 day quarantine, Pepper was welcomed into her new home in Calstock, Cornwall.

This story is already remarkable, but it gets even better. In an incredible twist, Pepper was pregnant when Georgia rescued her. The babies were born merely a week after Pepper was safe in her forever home.

pepper 1

Thanks to their mom’s bravery and their new human’s gratitude, these pups will never know what it’s like to live on the streets. And we’re sure they’ll grow up to be as courageous as their mom!

Feature image and h/t via Metro.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

August 21, 2015