With One Simple Gift, This Man Completely Changes Stray Dogs’ Lives

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 15, 2015

If you’ve ever tried to bathe your dog, you know that the struggle is real. You both come out traumatized, unless you have one of those oddballs that loves baths.

We kind of take baths for granted, and our pups definitely do, but Sorasart Wisetsin and the dozens of stray dogs in Thailand certainly don’t.

Sorasart regularly gives bathes to local stray dogs.

stray dog bath 2

His love of abandoned dogs started when he adopted Gluta, now known as the Happiest Dog In The World. Sorasart nursed the pooch through several medical issues, including cancer.

Rescuing all of the strays on the streets of Bangkok isn’t possible – there are an estimated 120,000 of them. Sorasart decided that if he couldn’t rescue them, he could give them a simple gift. He gave them baths.

Baths are super important for dogs, especially those that live on the street. Baths remove pests and diseases that are harmful to them and to us.

stray dog bath

Of course, Sorasart’s real gift is the love. Strays don’t get a lot of affection from hoomans. Through no fault of their own, they get get a bad rap, partially because of their looks. They learn to fear humans and can become aggressive. Showing them kindness and getting them clean, changes how we view them and also how these dogs view themselves and their world.

stray dog after bath

Watch the video to see how these dogs’ personalities completely change after bathtime.

h/t Sure Awesomeness.

All photos via YouTube.

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 15, 2015